The Entrepreneur's Guide to Validating a Problem

How to find the right problem to solve

New businesses often crash and burn because the assumptions they are built on have not been properly validated. It does not matter how much an entrepreneur believes in their concept if no one else believes in it alongside them. In order to achieve success with a new business, whether it is a new product, service, brand, or otherwise, we have to validate the problem that this new business venture is solving. To create a framework for problem validation, we have boiled down the facts and fundamentals of testing, and built a fast, effective method for vetting business concepts.

This is part one of our validation series. You can find part two here.

How to validate a problem

Stage one: Articulating a less-than-ideal state

Stage two: Exploring imperfect hacks

Stage three: Confirming motivation 
to try new solutions

Stage four: Assessing the size of 
the market

Case study: Healthy lunch options

problem validation