Bionic enables your team to be adaptable and build resilience with the mindsets, methods, and systems needed to learn, launch, lead and deliver growth.

Embed a new, permanent growth capability—mindsets, systems, skills—within your enterprise. Unlock your talent to win the future.
A proven system for growth.

Growth Board: Establish new mindsets and metrics to manage a portfolio of investments that align enterprise leadership and strategy to create measurable growth.

Growth Operations: Establish the structure, talent strategy, and systems you need for always-on growth. Permanent, repeatable and integrated at every level.

Opportunity Areas: Empower your co-founder teams to go fast through an evidence-based innovation process for net new products and services.

Ecosystem of Peers: Leverage proven success, insights and methods from across our Partners to drive impact.

The Core
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Unlock and execute near-term opportunities in 100 days or less. Optimized for speed and for virtual delivery, Bionic helps enterprises maintain their growth momentum during this significant moment and beyond.
Take action, be adaptive, drive growth.

re/Discover: Uncover, analyze, and vet immediate opportunities. Execute using existing proprietary gifts or through startup partnerships.

re/Validate: Understand how and then pivot your products and channels for changing needs, behaviors, and market conditions.

re/Launch: Find the fastest and smartest route to launch an in-market pilot.

re/Optimize: Assess your new growth portfolio to optimize against external forces and internal goals.

New Growth
Create innovative products and services using evidence based methodology. Get to market fast, and build for enterprise growth.
Uncover needs, de-risk solutions and models — then scale

Discover unmet customer problems; leverage your IP and identify opportunities based on sizing, timing, and fit.

Validate critical assumptions around problem, solution and business model through rapid 'do' vs 'say' experimentation.

Build and launch an MVP and iterate through product-market fit to develop foundations of a scalable and profitable business.

Growth Workshops
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Unlock measurable growth with our high impact, high speed workshops.
Ignite growth throughout your organization.

For Leaders: Master mindset shifts for transformational growth.

For Talent Development: Learn new ways to foster your entrepreneurial-minded talent.

For Teams: Enable entrepreneurial skills for advanced innovation.