What We Believe
The world is changing faster than ever before, and the pace of disruption continues to accelerate. To keep up—and grow—businesses must build for where the world is going, not for where it's been.
Bionic is a collective of radical outsiders who have founded and scaled companies, in all sectors and around the world. We're entrepreneurs, investors, futurists, and makers, and together, we ignite growth within large companies.
Enterprises are skilled at making big businesses even bigger. Entrepreneurs and early-stage investors, on the other hand, are skilled at discovering new opportunities and turning them into big businesses.
We believe that growth revolutions start with unlocking the creativity and potential of people. With a clear sense of purpose and the right tools, those who power the world's greatest companies can discover and transform the future, at scale.
We Believe In
At Bionic, our core beliefs drive how we work, both together and with our partners.
We acknowledge that working with each other and our partners, with trust and respect, lets us create impact we could not have alone. We are deeply committed to becoming the best version of ourselves as we build the best Bionic. Together.
We focus our energy only on what is critical, what must be solved first. We leverage our proprietary gifts to tackle the critical path and unlock the greatest growth outcomes for our customers.
We choose to respect, to trust, and to be candid and truthful. We strive to deserve each other's trust. To our partners, we deliver this same trust and truth, in every experience, with transparency and integrity.
We make a powerful commitment to clear ownership and accountability for the impact of our work. We take action and own the outcomes.
The 7:1 rule is a ratio of “good-to-bad” that acknowledges we're not perfect. We assume that each of us has the best intentions, even when we make mistakes, and we forgive. This gives us permission to move fast, take risks, then learn and grow. The trust, transparency, and collaboration we have with each other and our partners rests on the 7:1 rule.
We believe that validation through outside-in experimentation is the only way to get to the commercial truth. We go past say and focus on do.
We bring our whole minds, energy, and network to redefining the boundaries of what is possible. We are obsessed with delivering extraordinary, measurable impact for our partners and their customers. Always.
We are radical outsiders who stay true to our startup roots. We are relentlessly focused on getting to answers and getting to market as fast as possible. Our goal is not perfection, it is becoming less broken at every stage.