We are a diverse collective of smart, curious, and scrappy individuals who work together to build with our partners. Bionic is a place for entrepreneurs, investors, makers, and dreamers who are on a mission that's bigger than ourselves.
Life at Bionic
Passion at Work

Our work is our passion, and we make sure that our culture reflects that energy. Our office space is bright and open, and we designed it for both quiet, personal work and highly collaborative work among team members and with our partners' teams. Our kitchen is fully stocked with snacks—healthy and otherwise (requests encouraged!).

The Bionic Culture

Once a month, we host a recess, which is an opportunity for all team members to connect outside of a work setting. Recesses have included basketball and hockey games, wellness weeks, catered rooftop parties, Broadway musicals, and laser-tag. In the summer, we throw an annual barbecue, and every winter, we hold a holiday event that's followed by a company shut-down for the week between Christmas and New Year's. And once a year, the entire Bionic team travels to an offsite location for our annual company boondoggle.

Personal Development

And, speaking of traveling, every team member receives three weeks of vacation. In addition, each team member is encouraged to take advantage of our personal development stipend, which we can apply to learning any skill that will benefit our work as a team member.

Diversity by the Numbers
Meet some of the individuals who make up the Bionic DNA
Brian Beswick
Entrepreneur in Residence

I work with enterprise startup teams to validate and commercialize new products.

What I most like about Bionic is that we look to tackle some of the largest problems that corporations face today in growth and capability, and our work translates into meaningful outcomes for people who actually need them.

To me, the Bionic culture is family-oriented.

Leslie Bradshaw
Entrepreneur in Residence

I coach intrapreneur teams through discovering, prototyping, testing, validating, and de-risking new business opportunities.

I combine the arts of mentorship, athletic coach-style “hugging and pushing,” and my learnings as a 4x entrepreneur to unlock and unleash the exceptional in each intrapreneur.

If I were to describe how we live the Bionic culture, I would say:

  • Go for growth, ask for forgiveness.
  • Get your team's back; they've got yours.
  • Everyone is awesome here, so there's no need to brag.
René Paula
Operating Partner, Bionic Ventures

I help run the team that's in charge of M&A transactions and venture capital investments.

Bionic is a company of builders. All of us are entrepreneurs by nature, even if we haven't founded and scaled our own companies. We're willing to get our hands dirty in founding something from scratch.

The day after I had joined, I was thrown in front of a partner to help figure out their growth strategy. To me, that culture of inherent trust in our excellence and rigor is what makes Bionic so one-of-a-kind.

Katie Chanpong
Entrepreneur in Residence

I work directly with C-suite leaders, business unit owners, and brilliant technical experts to discover and build new businesses.

The best thing about Bionic is the people. This is a place that honors who you are. I feel like I've been my most authentic self at work in this job, more so than at any other job I've ever had.

Our culture is “nerdy hipsters.” But humble and unpretentious nerdy hipsters.

Jonathan Peachey
President & Venture Partner

It's my job to lead the Growth Board at our partners. The job involves challenging established thinking, bringing an external perspective to the Growth Board, and coaching executives to think with a portfolio mindset.

Bionic's methodology is designed not only to identify, validate, and create new growth within large enterprises quickly and cost-effectively, but also to install the capability inside the enterprise to do this continually and permanently.

Bionic works in true partnership by co-creating startups with its partners and by building on their behalf in the Bionic Studio.

Piyali Sircar
Design Research and
Experimentation Lead

I help co-founder teams put humans at the center of the design process by listening and asking the right questions. Empathy is at the root of that validation work.

I have never worked somewhere where I've felt as supported to grow in my own way and simultaneously challenged to think about the world a little differently each day. Radical candor is something we don't just pay lip service to.

One of my favorite Bionic experiences is that I recently had the opportunity to visit the future via Dave Asprey's Upgrade Labs in Santa Monica for in-field research!

Godfrey M. Bakuli
Head of Recon

My role at Bionic entails leading a team of researchers in analyzing the structures and competitive dynamics of markets.

What makes Bionic unique is that nearly everyone has entrepreneurial activities on the side. There are people here who own massive and growing portfolios of multi-family real estate across the country, successful iPhone apps, and hotels in Caribbean islands.

The Bionic culture is intellectually playful and curious. It's just staggering, sometimes: the amount of free range that we get to explore the various projects that we work on and to ask questions that no one else seems to be asking, in search of answers that might be enlightening or profitable.

Harman Johar

I lead a team of enterprise employees in the building, refining, and launching of innovative startups within corporate environments.

Bionic's community is easily the best part of working here. We are an eclectic, truly diverse group of highly observant and intelligent humans who remain humble enough to learn voraciously from each other.

My favorite memory at Bionic (so far) was my first brainstorm with a partner team. It was a blast to see how divergent our perspectives were and to get a glimpse inside an enterprise's way of working.

Our Benefits
Generous healthcare coverage (Aetna)
401K matching
Free One Medical Membership
3 weeks of vacation
Annual company boondoggle
Lactation room
Annual professional development stipend
Paid maternity & paternity leave
Monthly company-wide "recess"
2 weeks of Anytime from Anywhere (working remotely)
Closed between Christmas and New Years Day
Discounted Citibike / gym memberships