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We are proud of the outcomes we deliver as we work side-by-side with our partners to drive transformative mindset shifts, identify meaningful sources of new growth, and ensure that the organization has the structures, systems, and skills for permanent growth capability.

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Transformation: In Their Own Words

Understanding the Growth OS 

The Growth OS is the idea that venture capital and entrepreneurship are forms of management. It’s the job of investing in creating growth and scaling companies from $0 to $50 million. 

Personal Journey through the Growth OS 

The Growth OS pushes leaders to focus on the purpose of the company and discover new opportunities - professionally and personally. By shifting their mindsets, leaders go on a journey outside their comfort zone, to find opportunities in uncertainty. 

Enabling Outcomes

The outcomes from installing the Growth OS is seen and felt through new products, new mindsets, new capabilities, and new revenue streams. This work enables success for these enterprises' innovation initiatives.

Outside In Thinking + Building 

To win, you have to know your strengths and understand the challenges within your organization. This enables the team to identify when to look outside for partnerships in the marketplace and have a mix of organic and inorganic growth. 

C-Suite Support

Growth in your company is a direct reflection of the leadership's permission and empowering the team to discover and solve. Support from the C-suite is crucial for the Growth OS to thrive.   

Unlocking Talent

Finding and enabling the right team is critical for success. The result of the work is not only reflected in products and brands, but in identifying and empowering incredible entrepreneurial talent.

Impact of Bionic

The impact of Bionic is reflected in leadership, teams, mindsets, and capabilities. We are on a mission of discovery to unlock a new model for big enterprises. 

Case Studies

We are proud to build solutions alongside our partners.

Partner Success

Our partners growth transformation and innovations continue to blow us away.


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We're grateful to build relationships through the work we do.

Bionic played an invaluable role in our innovation story at Nike, helping us stand up a capability to fuel growth through disruptive new business ideas. We’re incredibly grateful for their partnership.

Hannah Jones
Founder & President, Nike Valiant Labs

Deploying [Bionic's] Growth Operating system at Citi was a game changer. The powerful and compelling case for change hit home. Our leaders stepped into the urgent need to learn new skills and new ways of working in order to bring relevant new products and services to our customers.

Debbie Hopkins
Former CEO, Citi

Working with the Bionic team gives teams the energy, tools, and most importantly, the courage to innovate and scale growth.

Beth Comstock
Former Vice Chair, GE

The team at Bionic offer innovative and powerful ways for legacy companies to create entirely new legacies

Pauline Brown
Former Chairperson, LVMH North America

[Bionic] understands like nobody else what makes start-ups successful and how big companies can learn from them. Bionic has been instrumental in our quest to be a growth organization and master the "new to big" discipline.

Pedro Earp
Chief Marketing and ZX Ventures Officer

New to Big is a great how-to book for change leaders seeking to drive scalable, profitable growth in big companies, reminding us how to use deep questioning, masterful listening, and a learning culture to discover the ‘commercial truth’!

Kate Johnson
President, Microsoft U.S.

New to Big has been one of the biggest mindset shifts we’ve undertaken. Encouraging teams to fall in love with consumer problems while learning fast and encouraging leaders to think like venture capitalists has taken P&G back to its deeply entrepreneurial roots. A New to Big focus has created a culture of experimentation and speed. Combining this way of thinking with the strengths of a 181-year old company is transforming the way we innovate at P&G.

Kathy Fish
Chief Research, Development, and Innovation Officer, Procter & Gamble

Big companies are normally where creativity goes to die. [Bionic proves] that it doesn’t have to be that way. This is the long-awaited playbook for figuring out how to turn your bureaucracy into an innovation machine.

Adam Grant
Organizational psychologist, Wharton professor, and bestselling author

Once a big company makes the decision to grow, it has to learn how. Bionic presents a unique roadmap for big companies looking to spark powerful growth engines from within.

Clayton Christensen
Former Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

In terms of groundwork, the Bionic team was extremely helpful in framing the challenges of building new businesses while operating at the scale we do at Citi. A fair share of that groundwork was a mindset shift; framing the different orientation that’s required when you’re exploring a brand-new idea versus when you’re managing a business at scale. That was extraordinarily valuable to us in Citi Ventures and to our colleagues and leaders across the bank.

Vanessa Colella
Chief Innovation Officer & Head of Citi Ventures

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