You could be Bionic too.

We are a diverse collective of smart, curious, and scrappy individuals who work together to build with our partners. Bionic is a place for entrepreneurs, investors, makers, and dreamers who are on a mission that's bigger than ourselves. See Our Team

Our Benefits
Generous healthcare coverage (Aetna)
Free One Medical Membership
3 weeks of vacation
Annual company boondoggle
Lactation room
Annual professional development stipend
Paid maternity & paternity leave
Monthly company-wide "recess"
Closed between Christmas and New Years Day
Discounted Citibike / gym memberships
Our Hiring Process
Application Review

Welcome to the hiring process! If you received our thank-you email, you've successfully submitted your application to Bionic. If it matches the open job opportunity, a talent lead will contact you for a phone screen.

Talent Phone Screen

In this call, we want to learn more about you and speak with you about our unique culture. We love when candidates come prepared with insightful questions. Helpful tip: Spend some time reviewing the job description, checking out our website, or reading our book, New to Big, before the call.

First Round

Here, we dig a little bit deeper into your skill set and gauge your recent work experience. And, whether our team members conduct a technical phone screen, ZOOM video, or in-person interview, you'll find out more about our culture and how teams interact and collaborate with each other.

Second Round

As part of the interview process, you will complete a short in-person assignment or mock session with some team members so that you can flex your skills IRL. This round will provide us with an idea of your style of execution and give you a glimpse of a Bionic “day-in-the-life” for your role.

Third Round (Optional)

At this point, you should have a deeper understanding of what we do, who does what, and how we do it. If you haven't already met someone from our Leadership Team, you will be invited back for a final round with them.

Reference and Background Check

We love to talk to your current and former colleagues, clients, and managers. These conversations help us give you the best onboarding experience possible! We also do a quick background check that takes about 48 hours to complete.

Offer Letter

This is by far our favorite part of the process, because we get to make it official and welcome you to the Bionic team! Along with your offer letter, you'll be provided with more information about our perks, benefits, and our equity/bonus rights program. Congratulations!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Bionic. If you have any additional questions, let us know by getting in touch at

What makes Bionic different from other innovation consultancies or incubators?
There are a lot of consulting firms out there. We are not one of them. Our team members are entrepreneurs and investors, not consultants. We have done the hard work of starting companies, strategically deploying capital, and building the future, and we bring that experience with us to Bionic. And, the work we do is with our partners, not for them. We do the gritty work, shoulder to shoulder. We are in the weeds with them.
How are you structured?
We have a variety of different teams, including Capability, Venture Partners, Entrepreneurs, Labs, Recon, Strategy, Product, Growth, Administration, and the Leadership Team. All teams depend on one another and work closely together at most stages of the work. Don't think of it as a matrixed or hierarchical organization, but more like a “team of teams” structure.
How many clients do you work with?
We work with a variety of Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries, such as financial services, food and beverage, consumer goods, retail giants, media, energy, and more. We analyze about 40-50 significant business ideas every year with our partner teams.
How long will the hiring process take?
In general, getting from an initial phone screen to a final decision takes a month. Our process is rigorous, both in terms of assessing for cultural fit and for role fit. We want to make sure that we make the right choice for you as well as for Bionic!
What is the quickest way to get through the interview process?
We strive to accommodate candidates' schedules, but our interviewers travel regularly or have tight deadlines to meet, which might extend your interviewing process. If you have competing offers, please let us know! We'll try to help you meet them in a way that still preserves our well-tested hiring process.
I know someone at Bionic, and they want me to interview with someone onsite. When can I come in?
All candidates have an equal chance of getting hired, regardless of whom they know at Bionic. While we appreciate endorsements and referrals from our team, they will not override our process or carry heavier weight than any other application. We've been thoughtful about designing our hiring process, so we want to ensure that every candidate can go through the same interview steps in a meritocratic way.
What's your culture like?
While we love the work that we do, most of our team would say that the best part of Bionic is its people. We live our values, respect one another, and 'become' the best versions of ourselves together. Check out our beliefs here.
What are the backgrounds of your team members?
We come from a variety of backgrounds. Most of us have startup experience, either from a main job or from a side hustle. Many have corporate experience, which is helpful, since we work with large corporations. No matter our background, we are creators, builders, dreamers, and doers. Diversity matters to us, and we are proud of the team we've built that is diverse across age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and parental status.
What are examples of startups that you've built?
We've built a lot of companies with our partners! Check out our case study on Exelon Clearsight, from our work with Exelon, to see an example of our work in action. Plus, you can read more about our partners' work in our book, New to Big.
What happens if I get declined? Can I apply again?
We're happy to consider you for future roles. If you see a role that interests you, we encourage you to apply, and someone from our team will reach out to you directly if we feel that a new role will be a good fit for you.
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